Over 30 Courses Offered
More Than 25 Years Serving Katy
Katy's Most Dynamic Music School

“We are a Community of the Arts Reaching Everyone.”

Karen Diaz, Founder and Director

Who We Are

Welcome to KD Music & Arts, where for over twenty-five years, we have enhanced the quality of life in the Katy community through music and art.

A truly unique arts center, KD Music & Arts’ school offers small group classes and intensive private lessons for children, teens, adults, and senior citizens. KD’s also provides a variety of products and services for musicians of all types.

Whether you are considering a career in the arts, participating in church and local groups, or just looking for an enjoyable form of relaxation, we can help you “Find Your Arts Desire”!

The KD Community

Our community comprises of  students, their parents, teachers, the KDMA support staff, as well as all of our former students.

KD Music and Arts students proudly represent consistent success in arts performance and in academics. Many former students have pursued careers in the arts, and all former students continue to enjoy the arts as a solid component of a rewarding lifestyle.

Many former KD’s students have continued their studies at some of the top music colleges worldwide, and many of these students and others have gone on to perform as professionals at venues of all sizes across the state, nation, and world.

KD’s students also perform on the academic stage as well. KD’s students have been named valedictorian at various levels and have gained admission to honors college programs of their choice. After school, KD’s students have used the discipline and creative ideals gained at KD Music and Arts to continue onto rewarding careers. Most importantly to us, ALL of our former students leave KD’s with an enhanced appreciation of the arts.

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